vendredi 10 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 9

When I saw the glorious weather this morning (blue sky + sunshine) and the snow that still covered our terrace, I knew right away what today's story would be. I had a great time photographing Gaëtan walking in the snow and enjoying being outside. The light was great (a bit too much sunshine but who is complaining?!), especially compared to these last few days.
This meant that I could start working on today's page right away during Gaëtan's nap. I was so eager to play with the pictures I had just taken, that I started working on Day9 before I had even finished Day8.
This also means more snow pictures for the third day in a row! Tomorrow should bring a nice change as we are planning to attend a Christmas play for toddlers with Gaëtan. This will be his first play: can't wait to see if he enjoys it (and if he behaves!)...

page 1:
Journaling: (on the picture) It makes me so happy to see you enjoy the snow! You're really fascinated by the noise your steps are making and you keep pacing the terrace! You should have a great time at Christmas! (on the page) This is the first time of the season that you're outside on the terrace playing in the snow. You are not properly dressed yet (rainboots and fleece gloves for example) but it is a good start.

page 2:

Supplies: old Scrapworks Christmas paper, Ali Edwards Holiday Wordart vol2 + 6*8 December Daily layered templates, Rayher mirror star.

December 9:

Gaëtan woke up just before 8am this morning: perfect time for me! We had breakfast, Jérôme left for work (and took the car although the streets still had snow on them) and I succeeded in getting Gaëtan all dressed up warmly to go play on the terrace in the snow. It was a glorious day with a blue sky & some sunshine and I took tons of pictures! Hopefully some of them will turn out ok. We came back inside, Gaëtan put some "normal" clothes on then we left for some grocery shopping. The little one wanted to walk on the pavement (still covered in icy snow) but agreed to sit in the prom after a few meters because he was slipping a lot (no kidding!). I had put my ski coat and my hiking boots and I was ok. I had a hard time pushing the prom in some areas but overall it was more fun than pain! We came home, had lunch (Knacki sausage for G - his favorite - a Kiri AND a yoghurt) then spend a little time playing in the livingroom before he took his nap. He had his snack, we made "quiche lorraine" then Jérôme came home fairly early. Yay! He was supposed to go to a company evening but he's still feeling sick. Moreover I thought I had a Grenadine meeting tonight at 8.30pm so someone had to stay home with Gaëtan... the reality is that the meeting is TOMORROW night! Oh my, I'm losing my head now...
Jérôme and Gaëtan played wolf (Jérôme chasing G with a blanket, making wolf sounds then finally catching him in the blanket and putting him on the couch. I love love love hearing them play and laugh together. Tonight's dinner was another nightmare: Gaëtan ate 5 spoonfuls of his soup+ pasta then decided he didn't want more... Jérôme tried adding pepper or butter but without much success. Of course, he did ask for a Kiri nevertheless... So another evening when the little one will go to bed without having eaten much... It's driving me crazy.
The only highlight of the evening was eating a piece of quiche lorraine in front of "Lie to me", a show I really like (esp. Tim Roth). Now off to bed...

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  1. I love your pages and your stories. I have a lot of snow pages too. Your little boy is so cute and congratulations on your pregnacy, twins that is soooo amazing and wonderful. Good job on keeping up with album even though you must be worn out, love all your pages so far. Have a great weekend.