jeudi 23 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 17

Day 17: Dinner with some of our best friends Alexandre & Charlotte who is Gaëtan's godmother. They arrived just as Gaëtan was going to bed (hence the PJs + gigoteuse) and she gave him a late birthday gift: a Buzz Lightyear-ish Mr Potato head they had fun putting together.
The second page is another pic from my Christmas tree (not taken that day) which I really love this year!


Supplies: Making Memories 2009 Xmas paper, Fancy Pants Traditions paper (2010), Love Elsie sticker, Girl's paperie word stickers, Toga felt tree.

December Daily - update + Day16

Here is a little update on project December Daily 2010: a big scare (for the babies) on the 15th followed by a lot of worries, changes of plans and tiredness have met that I haven't been able to update this blog with my pages... BUT I've been working on my pages nevertheless and apart from day12 (still waiting for some great birthday pics) and day13 (I still don't really know why I haven't made that page yet), I am currently almost up to date with the project. It's been really fun and interesting and I am already sad that it will come to an end in just a couple of days!

I haven't finished the journaling for Day15 (day of the big scare), so I'll post it later on. I haven't had the time to keep the daily diary and though I miss it, my time is better spend taking care of myself and the babies!
Less time also means less digi stuff: I only use the computer now to download my pictures, edit and print them. The rest is done with paper, embellishments and my trusty black pen for the hand-written journaling. Although I do miss the small digi part I used to do, I'm doing what must be done to keep up with this project and I'm happy with that.

Here is Day 16 page1:
Supplies: Girl's paperie sticker + green alpha stickers; Scenic Route circle sticker; Fancy Pants Tradition paper (2010); Making Memories Xmas tree paper (2009); black Faber-Castell pen.

vendredi 17 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 14

page1: page2:
page2 (inside):

December 14:
Gaëtan ne s'est endormi que vers minuit hier soir après avoir discuté, chanté et un peu râlé dans son lit. Il devait être super excité après la fête de Noël et/ou avoir trop bu de jus d'orange. Je ferai plus attention la prochaine fois! Je m'attendais à un réveil tardif, mais pas de soucis, il était sur le pont à partir de 7h45. Par contre, j'ai eu plus de mal à émerger et le démarrage a été lent... d'où une arrivée à Grenadine à 9h30 au lieu de 9h! Le plan loose, c'est que Jérôme avait besoin de la voiture, donc je n'ai pas pu aller faire des courses SEULE à Vélizy2. Je ne sais pas du coup si je vais pouvoir y aller cette semaine, car ils prévoient encore de la neige pour mercredi/jeudi (mais j'espère en moins pire). Du coup, après avoir fait un peu d'ordi, annulé la femme de ménage pour cause de lessive de chemises non faites, je suis partie sur Montparnasse: objectif, H&M pour voir les fringues de grossesse et La Procure pour les santons de Gaëtan et des livres de Noël plus religieux... Au final, pas de H&M Mama rue de Rennes et peu de livres sympas à la Procure (mais j'ai pu acheter les santons)... + un monde fou pour manger (notamment au McDo, au chaud!) donc j'ai fini par acheter une quiche que j'ai mangée dans la rue vers 13h30. J'ai eu froid, je me suis fatiguée... bref, la loose presque intégrale!
Ensuite, direction Grenadine pour ma permanence mensuelle après un petit arrêt chocolat chaud à Corentin Celton (car j'étais un peu en avance). Tout allait bien là-bas, Gaëtan avait bien mangé et bien fait la sieste, cool! J'ai papoté avec les équipes (Delphine, Sonia, Nadia) et regardé les enfants jouer. Gaëtan a eu un coup de pompe vers 16h30 où il a fallu Doudou + les bras de maman, mais sinon pas de soucis. Il a soufflé une bougie 2 ans posée sur un gâteau au chocolat (reste de la fête d'hier) par 3 fois et il avait l'air de vraiment bien aimé. Ca m'a fait plaisir de le voir vraiment attentif (voire participatif) pendant les temps calmes (lecture, chanson...), lui qui avait apparemment du mal au début. Ensuite activité dessin et enfilage de grosses perles en bois. J'ai été impressionnée qu'ils arrivent si bien à le faire à leur âge!
Retour maison vers 18h où Jérôme était déjà rentrée. Bain pour le petit mister, repas soupe avec petites pâtes mais à peine mangé la moitié + Kiri + yaourt... bref... Temps de jeu avant d'aller se coucher. Il a un peu parlé, mais s'est endormi assez vite finalement. Pour nous, c'était "boite chaude" (Mont d'Or au four) avec pommes de terre. Il y a une odeur de fromage fondu dans tout l'appart et j'ai l'impression que même mes habits sont imprégnés!
Demain, c'est RV gynéco: on va bien voir comment elle me trouve et comment va se passer le suivi de grossesse pour les jumeaux (fréquence des échos, des visites etc...).

lundi 13 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 11

And here is Day11. I won't be able to do Day12 (Gaëtan's birthday) right now because the pictures I've taken are crap and I'm waiting to get better ones from my mum and/or sister. Once I know which pictures I can use, I'll be able to visualise my page!


page1 inside:


December 11:

Got up around 8am but fell asleep around 2am: that was a short night. Jérôme is still sleeping. It's the last day to do some crafting for Gaëtan's birthday tomorrow. So after breakfast, I start to cut out several circles of felt (from the various felt coupons I bought on Wednesday) to make some simple garlands, inspired by what Elise Blaha posted on her blog a few days ago (hers were grey but I want color!). G is playing with his little cars, so cute. I start sewing the circles a few cms from each other and the garlands turn out really cute (in my opinion). Even Gaëtan is saying "choli, choli" (= joli = cute) ;) He watching me sew really intensively! Then I do some baking for tomorrow's little birthday party: first some 'cannelés' batter (put in the fridge until tomorrow), then a chocolate cake I'm planning to decorate tomorrow. And finally, I am putting enough pressure on Jérôme to set up the tree, so he put his coat and goes to work on the terrasse (the tree trunk is massive and way bigger than the hole in the log we usually use to keep it straight). The tree is up during Gaëtan's nap, I go out for some grocery shopping and can start decorating the tree when Gaëtan wakes up. He's not really helping, but I let him play with the ornaments. They are not really valuable and playing/touching them is half the fun for him. He's coughing again and has a very runny nose. I took his temperature before he went to bed (38°C, slight fever but nothing major). Jérôme's still sick and not feeling well... Dinner for Gaëtan (not great but ok with some potato/carrot Mousseline mash), then pizza for us. And a little December Daily catch-up for me before going to bed early tonight!! It's 11pm and I just need to wrap Gaëtan's gifts and then I'm off to bed while Jérôme is doing his Tarte Tatin dough so it can rest in the fridge during the night.

December Daily - Day 10

I really love this project and what I've done so far. This is why I'm trying my hardest to keep up with it although I am now running quite late!



December 10:

Gaëtan spent his morning at Grenadine while I crafted and tidied the house. I picked him up around 12.30pm then put him to bed immediately so he could have a good nap before the show later that afternoon... I don't know if he was excited by the show or else but he didn't go to sleep until 2.15pm! Needless to say, he was sound asleep when I went to pick him up to get dressed to go to the show... poor baby. I would normally have let him sleep, but I really wanted to go and see if he would enjoy it. We were running late, he had a Pompot on the way, I droped the prom at the "prom parking lot" (!) in front of the Conservatoire, then ran upstairs to find a seat before the show started. It was a nice little show and Gaëtan laughed a few times, but not outstanding. Gaëtan was too 'stoned' during the first half to do anything other than sit in my lap and started getting interested by the other kids and his surrounding after a while. He then wanted us to move/walk and to climb up and down the folding seats! But he didn't cry or shout (proud mama!). After the show, we could pick up a gift from the mayor (choice between a CD, a book or a puzzle - I chose the wild animals puzzle) + a 'viennoiserie' (Gaëtan wolfed down his little pain au chocolat before I had time to grab a bite!). He then wanted to play in the play area outside but there was still some snow and it was very slippery. I bought a huge piece of Comté fruité at the market, then headed home a few moments before Zip arrived. We chatted, Gaëtan made his show (he was over-excited!) and got taped. When Jérôme arrived, I left with Zip to get the Japanese take-away (almost all the way up to the périph) and some pastries for dessert. When we got home, Fatou had already arrived and we sat down to eat our sushis. I hardly had time to eat a prawn one before I had to leave for my Grenadine meeting at 8.30pm. It was interesting but lasted for 3 hours! I was past hungry by that time and when I arrived home, the others were watching 'V for Vendetta' on the big screen. I ate some salad and my dessert, then joined them for the end of the film. I should have gone to bed when our guests left, but my mind was racing with what I had to do re: my new role as General Secretary. I gathered my thoughts in a little notebook (to be able to do a proper meeting summary later), then looked up a few details on the internet... I went to bed (and Jérôme as well) around 2am. Dear God, may the little one sleep tonight!

vendredi 10 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 9

When I saw the glorious weather this morning (blue sky + sunshine) and the snow that still covered our terrace, I knew right away what today's story would be. I had a great time photographing Gaëtan walking in the snow and enjoying being outside. The light was great (a bit too much sunshine but who is complaining?!), especially compared to these last few days.
This meant that I could start working on today's page right away during Gaëtan's nap. I was so eager to play with the pictures I had just taken, that I started working on Day9 before I had even finished Day8.
This also means more snow pictures for the third day in a row! Tomorrow should bring a nice change as we are planning to attend a Christmas play for toddlers with Gaëtan. This will be his first play: can't wait to see if he enjoys it (and if he behaves!)...

page 1:
Journaling: (on the picture) It makes me so happy to see you enjoy the snow! You're really fascinated by the noise your steps are making and you keep pacing the terrace! You should have a great time at Christmas! (on the page) This is the first time of the season that you're outside on the terrace playing in the snow. You are not properly dressed yet (rainboots and fleece gloves for example) but it is a good start.

page 2:

Supplies: old Scrapworks Christmas paper, Ali Edwards Holiday Wordart vol2 + 6*8 December Daily layered templates, Rayher mirror star.

December 9:

Gaëtan woke up just before 8am this morning: perfect time for me! We had breakfast, Jérôme left for work (and took the car although the streets still had snow on them) and I succeeded in getting Gaëtan all dressed up warmly to go play on the terrace in the snow. It was a glorious day with a blue sky & some sunshine and I took tons of pictures! Hopefully some of them will turn out ok. We came back inside, Gaëtan put some "normal" clothes on then we left for some grocery shopping. The little one wanted to walk on the pavement (still covered in icy snow) but agreed to sit in the prom after a few meters because he was slipping a lot (no kidding!). I had put my ski coat and my hiking boots and I was ok. I had a hard time pushing the prom in some areas but overall it was more fun than pain! We came home, had lunch (Knacki sausage for G - his favorite - a Kiri AND a yoghurt) then spend a little time playing in the livingroom before he took his nap. He had his snack, we made "quiche lorraine" then Jérôme came home fairly early. Yay! He was supposed to go to a company evening but he's still feeling sick. Moreover I thought I had a Grenadine meeting tonight at 8.30pm so someone had to stay home with Gaëtan... the reality is that the meeting is TOMORROW night! Oh my, I'm losing my head now...
Jérôme and Gaëtan played wolf (Jérôme chasing G with a blanket, making wolf sounds then finally catching him in the blanket and putting him on the couch. I love love love hearing them play and laugh together. Tonight's dinner was another nightmare: Gaëtan ate 5 spoonfuls of his soup+ pasta then decided he didn't want more... Jérôme tried adding pepper or butter but without much success. Of course, he did ask for a Kiri nevertheless... So another evening when the little one will go to bed without having eaten much... It's driving me crazy.
The only highlight of the evening was eating a piece of quiche lorraine in front of "Lie to me", a show I really like (esp. Tim Roth). Now off to bed...

jeudi 9 décembre 2010

December Daily - Day 8

Since yesterday was all about snow falling almost all day long and since it was already Day7's theme, I wasn't really feeling very inspired and felt I was on a slippery path with this project... But inspiration struck just before I went to bed, so here we are! And funnily enough, I quite like this page ;)

page1:Journaling: When I was oooh-ing and aaaah-ing over the snow yesterday, little did I know what the weather would bring today... and I didn't think I would be walking in the snow while bringing back Gaëtan from daycare!

Supplies: Toga felt snowflake, Scenic Route cardstock, Bazzill Ruby Slipper cardstock, Artemio reindeer stamp, Ali Edwards Holiday Wordart vol2 + 6*8 DD overlays + Picture overlay, Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist.

December 8:
This morning Gaëtan went to daycare and I had an appointment with the director to talk about the October invoice and the help they need right now. It was great to chat with Sophie and to see other mums that are also going to be more involved. Then I went to the art & craft store to buy some felt (want to make a garland like Elise for Gaëtan's birthday this Sunday). It started raining/snowing and of course I hadn't taken any umbrella nor gloves. I was freezing when I came back home with Gaëtan but it was beautiful to see the urban landscape covered in snow. It feels very Chrismasy right now!
It snowed all afternoon with no sign of stopping. Gaëtan didn't take a long nap (sigh) so we read, put some stickers in the activity book, had a snack... It was really funny: Gaëtan wanted to eat a kiwi... by himself, so I cut a kiwi in half then gave him a spoon and he almost managed to eat it properly (if you don't mind bits of kiwi being propelled all around in the kitchen!). I tried to make a short video of him eating but he wanted to see "bébé" on the screen. I'm not kidding I think he watched that little video (of himself) more than 15 times! Call him Narcissus ;)
Jérôme had taken the car to go to work this morning so I was afraid he would get snowed in somethere on the road between La Défense and Issy but he managed to get home... eventually. It only took him more than 2h (instead of his usual 45min drive!). At least that gave him time to make a few more phone calls to family (his uncle Jean-Claude, his sister-in-law, his cousin Grégoire - the other twin - and his cousin Antoine). It was a near disaster at dinner yet again with Gaëtan: didn't want to eat more than 5 spoonful of his soup and ended up eating pasta with crème fraiche & pepper... I really don't know how I'll deal with this situation in the long run...